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Full Version: Projects & Releases Rules
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Projects & Releases Rules - MH-Razen

1. Don't organize projects here - This forum is intended to showcase your projects that aren't quite done yet, not to ask people if they wish to participate in a project.
2. Finished projects belong into the Releases section. - However, if you posted a project and it is now complete, the mods/admins will be glad to move it into the Releases section upon request.
3. Please use tags - The tags are:
- [Mod] = the content is a modification
- [Char] / [Character] = the content is a character
- [BG] / [Background] = the content is a background.
- [Stage] = the content is a stage mode
- [Item] / [weapon] = the content is an item/a weapon
- [else] = the content is something else
.. if there's any suggestions for extra tags I might have overlooked, go ahead and use them, and I'll add them if I see them. It's not required to use these, however it would be nice.
4. Do not request help here - The LFE-Forums previously had a request forum, but we removed it due to being absolutely obsolete and useless.
5. Screenshots - Any project that is being shown needs a screenshot. This is for the community to get a quick overview of the project as well as for the author to promote his work.