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Full Version: Data Changing Rules
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Data Changing Rules - Silverthorn

1. Go to the Mainsite before asking questions - The mainsite covers many aspects of data changing, research there before asking any questions.
2. Be precise - Questions such as "How do I data change" are not appropriate and are bound to wander into the disposal. Be precise and explain your problem, so that we can actually help.
3. Name your threads appropriately - "I need help" just isn't precise enough, it's good to let the person know what this topic is about.
4. Do not request - We previously had a Request forum, but we removed it due to being absolutely irrelevant.
5. Mark as solved - Solved threads should go into the Solved-section. To make it easier for moderators to see whether your problem has been solved already, please mark your thread accordingly.

About the forum and sub-forums: The main Data Changing forum is only intended to help with questions, while the Advanced Data Changing board is intended to showcase discoveries and more complex data changing methods. Tutorials should be self-explanatory, and Solved Problems is a little archive of previously solved questions that you could have a look in for help as well, if need-be.