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You might have noticed the newly added tab at the top right corner called "running events". This is a little thingummy that will, as the name implies, list up to 3 of the most imminent events taking place. The following is a small list of the features implemented.

Visibility: self
Every event that anyone posts will be visible to them, no matter whether they are public or private. In other words, if you set an event, it will only be displayed to you, nobody else. The difference to public events is that those will be visible in the calendar for anybody. This behavior is completely independent of usergroups.

Visibility: others
By default, only users with moderating priviledges may place public events in the tab. This is to keep the amount of items minimal and reduced to interesting/important bits. For community-organized events with deadlines and the like, please inform a moderator (ideally by reporting your own thread) so that he can add your topic to the tab.

Event type
Only single events are supported. The way recurring events are stored in the database is absolutely ugly and I don't want to invest heaps of time to allow both of them. They kind of work in a way that the first date of the recurring events is shown but any following is ignored. Keep that in mind in case you wonder why a recurring event you set a year ago will not appear anytime it should.

The list will only contain entries that lay in the future. Due to the way single event dates are stored in the database, the cutoff-time is midnight GMT. So, if you set the event date to "29 Nov 2015", it will be treated as "29 Nov 2015, 00:00 GMT" and hence will disappear after that date/time.
UPDATE: events are now treated as happening midday instead of midnight! In other words, setting the event date to "29 Nov 2015" will imply a datetime of "29 Nov 2015, 12:00 GMT". I hope this clears out some confusion.
To check the current GMT-date/time, scroll down at any page within the forums; at the bottom right, your current time and GMT-time will flip back and forth in the bottom right.

Alright, that's all. Just giving you a little heads up about what this thing does and what not ;)

tl;dr: if you have some sort of event that should pop up at the top right, inform a mod, yo :p

edit: I have been informed that the font rendering might appear bugged. If it looks similar to please refresh your cache (for Firefox, this would be Ctrl+R) to reload the updated stylesheet.
(11-27-2015, 05:22 PM)Blue Phoenix Wrote: [ -> ]the event date is set to 29/11/2015 0:00 GMT. As this apparently leads to confusion

This does lead to confusion. Because 29/11/2015 0:00 GMT is basically when day 28 ends. So, it should be 28/11/2015 23:59 GMT (or 11:59pm) to avoid confusions. :)
Hope you don't mind me splitting your post from the contest thread to prevent derailing it any further :p

(11-27-2015, 07:13 PM)MangaD Wrote: [ -> ]This does lead to confusion. Because 29/11/2015 0:00 GMT is basically when day 28 ends. So, it should be 28/11/2015 23:59 GMT (or 11:59pm) to avoid confusions. :)

Thing is that (at least for the intended purpose) events rarely run this late. At least when I organize them. Having a "running event" which actually has been finished already seems odd, to me at least. However, I am open to other suggestions, too! Which cutoff-time do you prefer?

No poll because FREE ANSWER!
Midday coz it avoids confusion. Not the sth like the end of 23th and the beginning of 24th (23th 23:60 aka 24th 00:00).
You can take a reference when time changes, they always prefer something in the midnight like 4-5 am, not when days change.