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Full Version: Baseball Crowd Killing-Competition
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this isn't a changed entry, it's just an example of how i did 15 sec kill. for 13 sec, i dunno whether 1 volley of balls is possible to kill (without him falling on ground). may be plausible.

The proof of wether it's fake or not can't quite be made, except you screen capture it.
I don't wan't this topic become a discussion about faked-or-not.
(Ironically I was the one to begin with that)

Anyways, I just didn't believe you because it had exactly 00:16 again. How you got to 00:13 seems to be impossible to me, but yea I'll submit it as soon as possible ;)
I didn't make 13 secs again, but I made 14 secs in this video:

[youtube=14 secs by Alves]bOhMO63RVfA[/youtube]

So, do you can trust in me now? ;)
I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong, but I can't get this to work.
I'm using lf2v2.0
And I'm pretty sure I've installed it right according to the readme.

But here's the thing:

Whenever the game starts(after selecting chars and going to the field to play), I notice my character's shadow flash for a bit and then disappear, but there aren't any baseballs no matter what i do?
When I created the char LF2v2.0 wasn't out.
So I guess you try it with v1.9 or v1.9c

Hope thats the reason.
If not check if the original baseball ID is used by the actual baseballs.
2.0 doesn have characters starting above the ground anymore for vs mode
thus the auto spawn in frame 212 is never called
add mp: 200 in frame 212 and hit_a: 212 in all attack frames (60 65 etc) - maybe also hit_j: 212 and hit_d: 212 in 210 and 110
should give you a start pressing any key

oh btw you can keep running until you reappear and start to regain mp there

played around with the concept for quite a while now - i think i can create a baseball crowd that can be fought with and against
as the original challenge is dead and the best time seems maxed out very well i propose a new challenge

now you job is not to kill others controlling the baseball crowd but defending yourself against it - and hopefully defeating it

may not be perfect yet
i have to create another testing sequence for when the controlled character is still alive and moving and there are no baseballs left
didnt happen too often to me yet tho - i could kill it most of the time

edit: wait - nobody has ever done armoured chars yet eh?

edit: nvm that 'didnt happen too often'
3 out of 10 times is quite frustrating when youve fought your a** off to get into a dead end
i think ive got an easy fix - will do that tomorrow i guess
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