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Full Version: Beginner Sprite I'm stuck how can I improve
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[Image: 0JCjObs.png]

I made this sprite long time ago and I wish I can make sprite sheets and characters
The reason I'm stuck is because Idk how to shade

Any advice and tips How can I improve I want to measure up in a level like you guys.
I'm just looking through tutorials and trying to help myself.
There's a massive selection of tutorials here:

I haven't done sprites in like forever but it takes some serious time and patience if you really want to make really good sprites.
If your problem is shading, I completely understand you. it's my problem too! like zabobula said, tutorials and practice help.
go with 2 color shading for a start.
as zabobula mentioned we have a bunch of tutorials here, which explain how its done already...

here a quick simple shading, take a look at it, observe and DO IT on your own.
try to replicate and see how your sprite turns out.

[Image: ZHt7XFy.png]

apart from the shading, we usually dont see both ears in LF2 sprites.
(09-17-2016, 04:39 PM)Arcane Wrote: [ -> ]apart from the shading, we usually dont see both ears in LF2 sprites.
normally, yes, but i guess(and i'm hottible at guessing) that his sprite is facing the screen.
mad maskman

normally the first frame is the standing frame,which is always facing left(not seeing both ears)

So Arcane took that concept pic, and made it into a sprite.
i was not talking about arcane's sprite, was just talking about the pose of the first pic. if he's facing you, it would be normal to see both ears. but well, it's true that it doesen't fit in lf2.
thanks guys i'll keep trying and yeah trying to make the character face the right direction with only one ear thats what im trying to do at times
Well. your welcome.but its not the right direction,its the left > direction. just for your to remember,btw your old spirte is lot thats old means you will get to make a more cooler concept sprite than the first right?

So give it a go!!!
we will try to make it into a sprite.
(09-22-2016, 12:51 AM)sk4t3curse Wrote: [ -> ]Yeah I've been doing some university and getting some homework been busy so when I'm relieve or relax or have some spare time I'll do these things It will take time also I'm trying to get into drawing

Just want to be relax in a certain point later on..

no haste buddy, take your time. by the way universities are much more important than this. :D
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