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Full Version: ColdDennis
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This is one of my first characters. I saw some people creating different versions of the character dennis. So, I thought if I could create one. So, I have created a version of the colddennis. The thing that inspired me to do this is the work of all the other great modders of lf2.

Colddennis is among the powerful characters among my other characters which I have not released in this website. It is mainly a combination of Freeze,Dennis,Firzen,Julian and some other new moves which I have created. The interesting fact is that Colddennis can prodeuce a sword like freeze and the sword throws flames when you attack with it.

[Image: ColdDennis.JPG] ;)

[Download of this character will soon be on the website.
[Some of the credits goes to the people who gave me the idea etc.. etc.. They are:
Why would an ice sword throw flames?