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Full Version: Sprite Sheet Generator
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I wrote myself a program for c #, its purpose is quite simple: take a lot of cut sprites and merge into a grid.

Many store their sprites in the form of frames cut in separate images. The same result is obtained if we take some animation in the gif format and using Photoshop to save each layer as a separate frame.

It is possible to arrange such beauty manually, of course, but it is difficult. Because laziness is my middle name, I chose a different path.

[Image: 1JgXJJu.png]

I run the program, I click "Select Images", selecting all the files that I need to connect, I specify the number of lines to divide the sprite sheet (rows, not columns!)

[Image: LgTVr5I.png]

I click on "Create Sprite Sheet", choosing where and in what format to save the finished sheet. The program works with png, bmp and gif formats.

[Image: qWfo8z0.png]

Voila, the sprite sheet is ready!

Simple enough ...
Next, in Photoshop, adjust the dimensions, repaint it, etc.
The sheet is created according to the principle of Sheet_Creator. Those. when you specify it in the bmp block of the character, the dimensions of each cell do 1px less than the original. So if each my cell has the sizes 1000х1000, I write 999х999.

Download: [attachment=3586]

I'm not sure if the section on the forum is correct. In advance I apologize, in case of an error.