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Full Version: lf2 neuer Stern beta 0.1 (revamped characters preview)
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Hi, there.
It's been a while since neuer Stern "RIOT" released. (8 years ago...)

Despite a long period of inactivity, Yuan and I decided to accomplish this mod, no matter how long it takes.
It may not be completed soon, But I'll release our works progressively. (about 3 or 4 characters each edition)


LF2 neuer Stern beta 0.1

This edition contains 4 revamped characters and nothing.
Stage mode will be remade once all the original characters were revamped.


<Skill list>


(new)D→A: Strafe



(new)→→A + A/D: Running Attack + Frog Hop/Rolling
[Image: davis_1.gif]

(new)D↑A + A: Dragon Punch + Leap Slam II
[Image: davis_3.gif]

D→A + A...: Energy Blast

D↓A: Strafe

D↑J + A: Leap Slam

(new)D→J: Frog Hop
[Image: davis_4.gif]

(new)DJA + AAA: Patriot Blast
[Image: davis_2.gif]

basic combos:
AAA + A + DJA + AAA / →→A + A + D↑A + A / AAA + D↓A + D→J + →→A + A + J + A
[Image: davis_combo.gif]



D↑A: Energy Disk

D→A + A...: Energy Blast

(new)D↓A + A: Super Punch

D↑J: Heal(other)

D→J: Energy Shield

D↓J: Heal(self)

(new)DJA: Spelling

(new)DJA + D↑A: Energy Disk LX
[Image: john_4.gif]

(new)DJA + D→A: Haha Blast
[Image: john_3.gif]

(new)DJA + D→J: Dark Matter
[Image: john_2.gif]

basic combos:
AAA + DJA + D→J + D↓A + J + A / AAA + DJA + D→A / →→A + D↓A + A + J + A + D↓A + A + D→A
[Image: john_combo.gif]

special move:
John's normal punch and shockwave can detonate Energy Shield/Dark Matter.
[Image: john_1_1.gif]



(new)D↑A / been attacked while defending + A: Gokumonken / Gokumonken II(Counter Strike)
[Image: deep_1.gif][Image: deep_4.gif]

(new)D→A + AAA: Sword Blast + Gokumonken
[Image: deep_2.gif]

D↓A + A...: Lord Strike

D↑J + A: Leap Chop

D→J: Dashing Strafe

(new)DJA: Shout
[Image: deep_3.gif]

basic combos:
AA + D→A + J + D→A + AA / AA + A + D↓A + J + A + D↓A + A + D→A + AA
[Image: deep_combo.gif]

I appreciate it if there is any advice or feedback about balance.

Hope you guys enjoy it :D .
Excellent work! Feedback soon.
Looks awesome! Glad the neuerStern series is still continuing.
Just tried it a short while, a few main things to point out:

1) Davis can't do running special moves anymore, which is a shame since >>D<A is actually a very important trick in the original game.
2) After doing DvA or super_punch or >>AA, Davis can easily spam D>J to keep juggling enemies.
3) It is a bit hard to do the frog hop + patriot blast combo because if you press "J" at the wrong timing while trying to do "DJA", you'll end up doing a leap instead.
4) John's DJA moves deal a LOT of damage, they really should be toned down even if taking into account the fact they cost around 50-70% MP.
5) I'm glad John is still able to do the AAA D>J A >>JA combo, albeit with slightly different timing and positioning.
6) Bandit's super_punch/>>A recovery looks very strange. You need at least 1 or 2 more sprite frames because the way Bandit transitions from the end of the kick to standing is odd due to what looks like an instant leg position swap.
7) It is possible to bypass the starting Defend animation that you added by pressing D+A at the same time. I didn't look at the data, but if hit_d is involved I would caution that this can lead to bugs with characters who have -mp tag like Dennis or Firen - specifically if they run out of MP they won't be able to defend by pressing only D.
I would like to help you data-changing. Join this server:
-link removed-

thx for the feedback! I'll do some fine tuning, and release it within the next edition.

1) Well, in my opinion, Davis's running special moves seems to be bugs in the original game. Like Rudolf's rolling D→J when been knocked airborne or Henry's →→J←A missing wpoint, these bugs ended up useful techniques though. But, I would add back running D→A anyway.

2) Although I made it on purpose, this trick seems broken. I removed it upon your advice.

3) The two moves "Leap and Patriot Blast" are connected with the same frame of Frog Jump. Just press DJA as soon as possible, and it will be easier to do this combo. I would not change the input method cuz it will affect the smoothness.

4) I nerfed damage of those moves slightly and increase MP consumption of Haha Blast. It's a problem to balance a powerful move, not only considering its lethality but also the range, bdefend, duration, etc. John's DJA moves takes time to launch and can be easily interrupted, so I made them stronger than any other move.

5) The damage of →→JA were greatly nerfed in this edition, and there is a much more simple combo similar to AAA + D→J + A + →→JA. I think the most fun part of John's moves is that he can detonate Energy Shield by punching it. This trick could develop into lots of application.

6) I'll smoothen it.

7) I added hit_d: 111 to frame 110. Characters can defend by only pressing D while run out of mana, despite lack of starting animation.

thx! but I think my partner can handle it.
OMG I really like Davis running attack and patriot blast I wish I can use those sprite sheets or something
That's OK. Feel free to use these sprite sheets.
Greatly Appreciated
Answer my Private Message please.

Henry's shout better paralyze only when the enemy does not defend. When he does, make his defend go broken.

Well, you made a typo. It's deep's move not henry's.
It seems a little bit OP that the shout is unable to be defended, due to its large zwidth. I'll make it defendable.
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