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Full Version: Forum Upgrade
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One could think this is a (belated) April Fool's joke due to its unlikeliness but I'm currently in the middle of upgrading the forum software. Just as an info in case anything looks weird/is not working properly (or at all); will take a while until I get through all of it.

Once I get everything up and running again, I'll update this notice Wobble

Edit: as of now (May 13th), I can't seem to find any further issues that require fixes. Hence, I deem the forums as fully operational again! Join the wobble-party! WobbleWobbleWobbleWobbleWobbleWobble
So, the biggest bugs are taken care of by now. Naturally, there are a few things here and there that are odd (either in terms of behavior or design/styling). Please report anything you come across in this thread, I'll update this post accordingly. Thanks!

Known issues (d=design, B=bug, F=feature; strikethrough items are dealt with):
  • d: Editor-theme -> dark
  • F: Add DC code and spoiler-buttons to editor
  • B: Quick Reply reloads thread when you hit [Post Reply]
    (No idea how to fix so far, this issue is related to SCEditor; when it's disabled, everything is working properly, so it must be some javascript bugging)

  • B: Smilies are parsed in code which seems kind of silly
  • B: GMT/Local time doesn't alternate (bottom right of each page)
  • B: "Who was online lately" month-list is broken

  • B: Hide Thanks-bar when there isn't anybody thanking
  • B: Stop the redirect (i.e. page reload) when you hit the Thanks-button
    (having the feeling that this is also related to the editor --edit: it's not)

  • d: Proper icons for thanks

  • B: Forum Team is wonky
  • B: Reporting functionality is broken

Further issues
  • B: pagination number of pages was displayed as {1}
  • B: an SQL-query in a custom plugin was not sanitized properly, causing an SQL-error to appear
  • B: a level of spoilers is stripped everytime a post is parsed by the editor (e.g. hitting "preview post" removes not-nested spoiler-tags, preserving the content)
  • B: lost password retrieval not working (doesn't send out email when requesting the activation code)
Another bug is that the page reloads when hitting the Thanks button.
"Preview Post" function removes the "Spoiler" tag.
(credits to Nyamaiku)