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Full Version: im working in a new project LF2 Timetravel
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i'm working in a new project LF2 Timetravel
here are some new stages and chars
[Image: 4nzcmUw.png]
[Image: oVIiKtf.png]
[Image: hyupjAP.png]

bonus project full hd under construction
[Image: 1hCtgE1.png]
DUDE this is AWseome Glad 2 see people r Still making effort for LF2
KEEP AT it BRAH Looks REALY good
it's an incredible game can't be forgotten i hope the community grows and in the future the creator will release a new version of this game in full hd 60fps with news
The backgrounds are pretty decent, ngl.
Thanks for continuing this character frost playable. If possible can you make these characters downloadable?
Thanks for all comments here is new char in development i need of a good designers for continue this project
[Image: RqVwBRn]