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Full Version: Nya (rep char, collab with JoHo15)
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always wanted a rep char, JoHo15 helped with design, face pic, and did most of the sprite work

An overall slow character who uses gimmicky and quirky moves, but make up for it by having good basic attacks with long reach. All of her basic attacks will drain some mp.


char is completed and comes with difficulty checking AI

face pic
[Image: unknown.png]
previous placeholder face pic done by me (Click to View)

standard movements
heavy weap movement (Click to View)

basic attacks
normal attacks and super punch (Click to View)
run attack (Click to View)
jump attack (Click to View)
dash attack (Click to View)
grab attack and throw (Click to View)

D>A Shoots a dice that deals 10x the number rolled as damage, recasts itself when it rolls a 6.
loaded dice (Click to View)

D>J Swaps places with a target up to half a screen in front of the character. Target is momentarily vulnerable to all attacks, including their own. Also works on teammates. Press J after a successful swap to perform an evasive flip.
boogie woogie (Click to View)

D^J Spins a coin, resulting in either an energy vortex or explosion.
heads or tails (Click to View)

DJA Draws a card that will provide 1 of 4 different effects:
Diamond- Creates an anti-magic crystal containing 12 pulses. It disrupts projectiles and destroys any airborne items. The crystal depletes 3x as quickly if directly attacked.

Club - Spawns 3 bouncy homing balls. These balls cannot be damaged and will keep chasing forever until they hit something.

Heart - Heals 100hp.

Spade - Gains a stored explosion, released by pressing DJA again. Can be used at any time when the character is on the ground. Other cards cannot be drawn until the charge has been used.
card draw (Click to View)

sample combos, theres way more variations and ways to combo than the 3 i show here (Click to View)

-JoHo15 for design, sprites and face pic
-STM1993 for in depth balancing discussions
-ppl from the lfe and chinese discord for giving feedback and suggestions
Any chance of providing a preliminary download link?
looks epic.
char is nearly done, just need to complete AI and work out some stuffs with diamond from DJA, will provide a download link when done.

also updated first post with newer gifs since i added the other moves and also changed running animation
Can't wait for this one. Also, can you put in the Placeholder CharSelect when you upload the character as a bonus?
It looks funny af.
char is completed, comes with an AI that should be around original AI's level, also comes with difficulty checking

[Image: test.gif]
Awesome character mate! Really fun to play with. This and your other work, Kaktena are 2 of the most polished original custom char and love 'em both.
real sry to those who already downloaded the char, but theres a prob with D>J wpoint, fixed it, also gave AI a tiny update.
first post has been updated with newest download link
Found 2 bugs.

Diamond shield destroys falling items.

If F6 is activated, Diamond shield doesn't break.
Diamond disrupts projectiles and destroys any airborne items; this is done via itr effect 4.
So no, this is not a bug.

Diamond is a type 5 that uses mp: tag as its hit counter.
Turning on F6, which is a cheat code for unlimited mp, would of course prevent diamond from breaking; it is not considered a bug.
[Image: test.gif]

updated to v1.2, changes:
-added the ability to rebound weak balls to dice's number glyph part (demonstrated in the gif) removed in v1.420
-diamond crystal pulse count increased from 8 to 12, still breaks in 4 direct hits
-club chase balls dmg decreased from 35 to 30
-fixed a mistake i left in when experimenting with superpunch stuffs, will no longer do dmg + bounce
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