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Full Version: Ryozaki (Levi version)
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Ryozaki is a character originating from LeoSilva's creation: LF2 Victory, as a Earth-based fighter who looks like Ryo Sakazaki (coincidence eh?)

I found him more suitable to be ported into Vanilla LF2 than other character in the same mod, and after some organization, Ryozaki now also stands as a balanced fighter, retaining his moves and trimming excess features.

Ryozaki is a shoto melee fighter, strong, versatile and easy to learn.
His moves have low cost, but he is quite susceptible to punishes. Mastering Ryozaki's moveset will prove himself a very flexible fighter.

Move list (Click to View)


Dragon Palm
[Image: ETJpJOU.gif]

Double Kick
[Image: jkN1jSl.gif]

Rock Slam
[Image: Ul9JOxL.gif]

Dragon Punch
[Image: j62OF4o.gif]

Dragon Punch while rolling
[Image: 59SOcus.gif]

2x Dragon Punch + Rock Slam
(Rock Slam deals full damage only if his hand hits enemy in air)
[Image: OtDVW2h.gif]


Version: 23 August 2021


Leo Silva for original character
Looks nice!

Maybe for the rock slam move, add some particle effects. At the moment, the rocks seems to be absorbed back to the earth in an unnatural way.