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Full Version: LF_Random&Effect update1.46A
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Hello everyone
I hope everyone can give some suggestions for this MOD

Ten fighters feel similar to'hero fighter'
Added many interesting effects based on itrk8/wpk3
But I can’t pick up weapons either. Basically they are removed.
10 new self-made characters, mostly reprocessed from the original LF2 characters
Many character skills borrowed from dota2 are in new characters
The new characters all have an AI that is close to the original AI

[Image: 74shJ7c.gif]

[Image: 6cjEQcq.gif]

[Image: nJDAEU6.gif]

[Image: zRcWIzx.gif]

[Image: WvYkICi.gif]

[Image: 2aj5Xm7.gif]

[Image: OWpo3Wt.gif]

alpha ver
halfalpha ver

thanks for
exe 為艾爾卡特製
ai_dll lf_empire
SV-LF2 XLF_Omega D.R-LF2/DRS S-LF2 R-LF2 Kate-LF2
SX-LF2 LF2-NS CE-LF2 LF2-Mega(聖龍) julio+ lf-empire-file
LFO Arcuz2 Virtual-Life3 Melty-Blood
DiabloII DOTA2 LFO Arcuz2

thanks your watching
Adjust the following characters
sirius judge storm deep
Remake stage 1+2+3+4
png alpha
21:19/16/12/2021 fix bugs
update 1.42B
stage5-1~5-5 90% 5-6/5-7(X)
stage1/2/3 90%
stage4 50%
state 7 balance
update 1.444C
stage adjust
a lot bug fix
update1.454D beta
1/30 fix bug
1.456E update
2/2/2022 1.456F hotfix
1.46 beta update
13/02/2022 0224 fix
15/02/2022 0215 update