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Full Version: Lf3 eve of death
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Please read the LF2 Modifications / Other Versions Rules and edit your post accordingly:
Quote:3. Make clear which mod is meant - When posting a thread about a mod, give details to it, and make sure everybody knows which mod is being discussed.
as in, add some information if you wish to keep this thread up and going. Else it will be taken care of.

Thank you.

Edit: Nevermind, fits better in Releases :V
tried it a time ago.
very good ideas, but the spriting is terribleMad

is it from you? if yes, you should search for spriters to help;)
could anybody post a/some screenshot(s)? I just don't like to follow links for downloads, I wanna see what I'm supposed to download.
Nice Job! I like it
But add some more information for other
downloaded it. It seems like its just a bunch of slightly modified versions of characters made by other people.
If you're going to use someone else's creations, be sure to at least create a readme file and credit them for their work.
Thank for your replies

I offer to use my version instead original 1.9 because i don't versions like 2.5 where all characters are overpowered, but original is very bored now.

Yea i use projects of other people, but only their sprites. If you know these authors please tell me. About my creations, I rewrite 70% of code to balance all characters, and remade 1,2 and 4 stages.

Fixpatch №1 -
Moved to releases since it doesn't seem to apply to Other Versions/Modifications, but is much rather a release of a mod, apparently.