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Full Version: miniboss - modified justin
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Hi everyone!
i did this project to test something for my mod: LF2NH
i played a bit around and finally did this char:
he is a modified justin to fight against as miniboss

comments pls
Any screenshots?
won't be needed i guess, since there are only the normal sprites
(except 12 ones)

but for better knownledge here are the moves:

-attack: laserpunch, 20mp (if you have under 20mp you will do the normal punch)
-jump like dash
-defend+attack: superball, 100mp
-defend+jump: hit combo, 50mp

remember its a (mini)boss, so the moves are quite overpowered
Looks not bad.

But post the f***ing screenshots!
okay okay, after zanshin said his "magic word" i will do :D
Gah, i hate making screenies because of my lame pc which takes 10 minutes to load X(
[Image: 82478698sa7.png]-the laserpunch
[Image: 64489440ui8.png]-the ball
[Image: 81384342zw8.png]-the hit combo
woa... the hit combo looks... strange :P
Almost like CL :D
(11-06-2008, 09:55 PM)Blue-Phoenix Wrote: [ -> ]woa... the hit combo looks... strange :P
Almost like CL :D

what the heck means CL ?!
CL from R-LF2
ooooh, CL from R-LF2...

never played it ^^"
Well, the char looks quite good. (according to the pics, i didn't try yet). There's just one problem: i've already made a justin boss (Deus Ex Machina helped me coding him)

But i think that's okay, i won't mind that. My sprite looks kinda different anyway ^^

Oh, and i think the blue color doesn't really fit, try green or red, if you don't like the original violet ^^
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