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Full Version: [Char] Ryo
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Ok, I create this topic, because it's a project.

Name: Ryo (It reliably will change)...
Pic: [Image: koleff6.png]
Face pic: [Image: dupahu9.jpg]
Skill1: [Image: lf222rl9.gif]
Skill2: [Image: lf2gadne6.gif]

Gad: Can you make for me template pictures for attack?
Wow, this is really good ; )
Yup sure, i have now lot of free time, so it will be not a problem. :] Anyway character seems to be good :].
I liked it.
But this attack isn't overpowered, is it? because the sprites make it looks like.
No, it's not overpowered :)

Gad: Well, when you do it?
I just didn't like the name :/

Cause it remembers of Ryu, and that's the char i'm doing now :)
I think somethin with "k" should fit it.
Hehe, I didn't know how name I can give for this char.

I checked a lot of sites and I found japanese names.

Ryo means - strong, stout...

Ok, any ideas for name?
Ryo is okay. I wouldn't change it.
you know, anyname with Ken means strong :D

Means "healthy, strong" in Japanese.

From Japanese 健 (ken) "healthy, strong" and 太 (ta) "thick, big".
These names don't match to him.

Ryo is good, but if you don't like it, I will change it.
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