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Full Version: Mod- LF2 Ninja Victom
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Im gonna make a mod about Ninjas (but lf2 styled of course)

this is the genin:
[Image: Genin_stand.jpg]

(im gonna make more.)


[Image: Ninja_stand.jpg]
looks quite good, but you should remove the rest of the cape and unblurr the face a bit.
so i will and thanks
Yea, looks quite good, but a little too blurry. I guess, it's made with quite a big brush. Take a 1px-brush, it gives you more control over the details ;)
Also, take care about the edges of the image. When you lay the sprite on a white background (as you did) you see that some single pixels are sticking out, others are sticking in (?). Well, some white pixels are in the character, especially in the feet. I'd fix that ;)
so if i do white i can see the pixles and delete them?
you can
if xou'll make it white then you see them and delete them

(pls think before posting No offense but it's quite clear)
not taking offense.
bump i uptaded the Genin how is that?
Can you post the ninja sprite in PNG or BMP?