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Full Version: Birthday thread
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Instead of making thousands of topics for individual members, one collective topic should be enough.
Any birthday-related announcements and congratulations should go in here instead.

..So uh, happy birthday!

And no, birthday threads are honestly not much of an issue. Big threads are pretty cool though, right? Make it grow!
Missed mine by...9 days
oh well...:D
I'm gonna eat cake on March 19. Far from now but I couldn't help it!=P
I'll eat on May 19, yay only 2 more months than yours
I'm not gonna eat any cake on 20/5 but that is still my birthday (I hate party, too noisy)
^didn't see that one comin' :D
HAPPY BIRTHDAY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LFE!!!
if this thread is a thread for posting birthday, my birthday is on 5th of August.:D
^ I think this is a thread for saying happy birthday, not a thread for saying my birthday is ...