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Full Version: [char] just a little template-mod: templateX
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Hi everyone!
since i love templates, i make a new version of him:
templateX! (ok, i know that sounds not very professional and very uber, but how can you give a template a name like james or something xP)

that is one of his moves, the superball:
[Image: superballxy6.gif]

more gifs coming soon! (as soon as i finish them^^)

comments are welcome^^
looks cool so far... and the name... yeah thats a cool one XD
at the beginning of the superball... the ball itself should be a littler
in the next frames it grows to his real size.. and then flies at the enemy ^^

keep that up!
woah, i didnt expect a positive comment xP

hmm i will try it in-game, and when it looks same i will resize the ball^^

thx for comment
every time you don't expect me then i am there ^^
Simple and nice. I like characters like that. Great work.

19POtt92 Wrote:every time you don't expect me then i am there ^^

Me too Dude ! Don't leave me behind!!!!!!!
Yay! A Template character! Template is the coolest character. Almighty Temp...
[/drifting away]

Ok. It looks nice. I hope that you choose this project and finish it, considering that you have about 20 projects or something like that. Correct me if I can't count xD.
since this project is kinda quick to finish, i will do this char in the next days.

and you are wrong, snorsorbet: i have around 50 projects xD
All I can say is: GOOD JOB!

though i kinda think that the ball releasing frames should be changed. With what? don't ask, i have no idea.
is that superball has a freeze effect?
i think it was Coz he is blue...:|
and... good! but simple! i like that!
keep up the good work!!
and... if u need help tell me!
(but i don't know how to make a good sprite or even coding)=P
hehe, Bamboori and his Templates..... =P

anyways, the ball is definitely too big. At least at the start. This glowing thingy looks like Template will shoot a ball which is about as big as his head. Haha, big surprise!
Yea, so if you want the ball that big, you should make it grow in size while it is flying. Not soooo realistic but...... we're no realists, are we?
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