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Full Version: Combo with trio ! Megatron + Dixon + Bot = Trio`s Combos !
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Firsts 3.

[Image: oynfaM.gif]
[Image: 2mydn54.gif]
[Image: 53nrdt.gif]
kinda cool
really awesome
where those combos spontaneusli or did you said
you are doing this and then you're doing this
Hmm... We improvised, but after with this improvising created plan, which we comply with it.

[Image: 11i1wlt.gif]
New, someone watch this ?
[Image: jg3zac.gif]
yeah... me :D
yeah you :D and your brother and me :D
very very amazing and hardest combos!
Really cool, but would be appreciated if u could give the links, the screen starts lagging ^^''
New, I am very tired... We did it 4h and We didn't finish it.

[Image: 28ba2qh.gif]
Man, nice work...
You and your friends are awesome at that...
I have a question though-
this has been bothering for some time...
how do capture that all those moves on a gif, like that...?
I record by HyperCam2 and convert by Animation Shop 3 to gif.
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