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Full Version: [char] Adam
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This is my first sprite, hope you like it.

[Image: felixnewvc7.png]

If you have any tips on sprite drawing feel free to say them, I am a new at this. :D
hey not bad, honestly

EDIT: thought this character seems extremely familiar or something...
or maybe the colours were similar to one char i oncee playedd....
oh feson...yucky character...
Thanks. :)

This is the polished version of my character:

[Image: finalcharcatersy5.png]

I didn't really like the first pic of him because some of his body parts were off, ^_^
great char except the face because it does not match with the sprite's costume.

But it is great.
Well i thought my face was good ^_^ but ill look into that, and thanks for complimenting my character.
chase, do you want his hair to match his outfit?
Well if so i made a black haired Adam.

[Image: adamblackhairfa0.png]
no,i want his clothes to match with his face because the face clothes do not match with the sprite clothes.
oha cool char, and this is your first one? really good
in my opinion he looks better with the brown hair
and i think u have to change his haircut on his back and his t-shirt/ sweatshirt whatever... in adam_f because at the moment it looks a bit like smoke;)
The face has too many John-like parts, the lines are pixelated, the clothes have no real shading. To mention the aspects of what I don't like about the face.

The body looks quite cool, the only thing to complain about is that his left shoulder (our right) sticks out too much. you should remove the outwards-most pixels ;)
Wow, the face is Waaaay - too off...
Here a tip - Make it 100% your own on ms paint
or use a program like photoshop
mixing a couple of stuff into each other...
I can see what ur doing...
It's not bad still just work on it...
What I would do is go over a char (using ms paint)
try that...
Well i sorta did every thing on MS paint....
and i'm not so good on shading
and i just gave John a hair cut and chin cut :)
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