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Full Version: Mainsite Problem
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As you may have already noticed, you get a 403-error-message when you try to access the mainsite. This is because we had to disable it because for whatever reason, there's an increased amount of database-accesses causing the server to shut down. We don't know what exactly causes it (whether it is a component on the mainsite or a hacking attack) but we'll work on the problem to get the mainsite up ASAP. Please be patient.
this bug is not fixed, but since it's not terrible and the admins still argue who's responsible for this the mainsite is up again, but I dont know when it's down again
let's hope it's never
but i hate hackers (looking at my name :D)
why do they do something like this?
let's hope it's just an error and no hacker
to be serious I hope it's a hacker, cause the bug finding would be way harder for me :(