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Full Version: Which Sprite should I start a char with?****UPDATED(continously)
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Here they are
[Image: My_Sprites.jpg]
Hmmm..... nice work except for that julian head guy. Man he looks funky ! Anyways the one that sais fav in the not so fat line , u know the one with the red shirt ? His hair looks copied from 19POtt92 ' s reprisentive char. And just so u don't get mixed up , his name is now just_a_phil. Anyways alright work !
oh do you really think that?
i think it looks different enough.. he can keep like that.. no problem with me.

you could go with the red one.. in the bottom row.. but you have to spend much time in the shading.. especially the hair.. anyways for the beginning it looks not that bad.. i like your ideas... keep going..
work on the shading and you will be fine.
remember you can't be a master at the beginning.. keep practicing and you will get better soon.. so long.... wish you good luck.
me to i think u should go with the red one keep it up man!!
the 2nd of the 5th look very interesting ;)
also the 8th and the last one look interesting too (the last one is just the face part)
start working on them...
P.S. don't copy and paste them as though they were obivious from the begining...
heve to agree wit kaywonn u better start working on them!!
I like the 2nd one do that one first :D
How do i work on my shading
what happened to the 7th and 10th (really improved - well a little)
still good by the way ;)
for example the hair... compare one of the hair you made with one of the original...
you will notice.. what are you lacking in some cases is the shading.. in the tutorial section there should be some tutorials for this...
for example this one click me

try it out.. and show us your results..
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