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Full Version: [Kicker] Lf2 First Sprite Of My First Char
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His pants are a little lumpy on the right side, which is the main reason, I think, they look weird. Also, the arms look kind of unnatural... One is sticking directly downward, and the other is straight out. The dagger looks like something taken from the character, LeoX. The character looks like he has a lot of potential though... Good luck.

Oh, I only was looking at the first picture in your last post. In the second one, the pants are better, but the body seems to be shaped very strangely.
this is best result i think so...
well, now he has no hands... Unless they're behind his back. I think it kind of looks strange.
Hum, nice idea but he needs a >belt< between shirt and trousers!^^

Check out firzens belt,may help you!
Jed37... hand is on shirts like rudolf
and i paste the belt i lazy draw belts
Ok Thiis is Final Version
It still looks like his hands are cut off. Just wanted you to notice.
hands is in shirts i have Do that like rudolf
I like his shoes atleast...
You didn't really do much???
Try my way...
Copy and Paste (the char you want)
Outline (meaning to get rid of the black stuff and outline him with a lighter black. Anything with black is going to be invisible double click on the color to change the LUM or Value scale from dark to light or vise versa...)
Draw over (here comes the easy part - yeah just draw over it - have fun with it)
copy colors from other chars aswell - and make sure to have 3 colors...
i know this one is bad but i just wanted to help:D
[Image: mavaikis2lg6.png]
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