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Full Version: Sauske Akatsuki-Madara Uchiha
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here you go i took my time with this one ratings and comments please: [Image: bestspriteqw2.png]
i had to make another topic becasue i put it in the wrong place
i did this on my second try a little improvement [Image: sasukeakatsukizp1.png]
3rd improvement i improved the face a little : [Image: sasukeakatsukinm6.png]

C+C please:
NTSD style eh? but... have sasuke ever joined akatsuki? don't worry about the sprites its good(on my eye) its almost reach the NTSD style.
Quote:have sasuke ever joined akatsuki?

nice sprite... Not much to say. Perhaps his face is facing a bit too much to the left? (from his perspective)
great i was trying to get ntsd style and i did anyway can u rate it please and tell what to do to improve it?
Hmm... Since I am not familiar with NTSD spriting I don't really know... But to me, his standing is great. The only thing is, as I said, that you could rotate his head so we can see both of his eyes. 7/10
It looks so weird???
It's better if Itachi and Saskue were apart from each other...
oh well i like him the way he is
Maybe you should make a thread only posting NTSD styled chars, you know,?
It would be better looking at them all at once than finding them in different places... :confused:
i like the way he stands, but i think its better if we see both of his eyes (or not)
btw, im rating it 8/10
thanks but i only like it seeing one eye so it looks like hes looking one way
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