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Full Version: Dance of Pain Catching Activation
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I know that this question is rather general, but I'm making a move where a ball is supposed to catch a person only when he is in dance of pain, and itr/kind 1 doesn't work (I think it only works in type: 0/character objects). I use it in my character to mind control enemies (but again, it's only supposed to work when they're in dance of pain).

Is it possible to create this mechanism with a type: 3 ball object without having to mod every character?

~Solomon Leung
you'd somehow have to play with your character's catching frames for the ik1. your char = A, other = B

B in DoP
A walks and ik1 in walk frames makes A go to frame X1. You'd need to mess with cpoints in trying to remove the small "in air" jump thingy. Doesn't really work in certain cases, that's why this answer is only half-worth my normal ones.
A gets led to a frame where A opoints the t3 object that catches B.

yea getting around modding every character is tough.

The thing is, though, I already tried using a ball with an itr/kind 1. It doesn't catch or affect the character at all (dance of pain or not) with a t3 object. The ball simply passes through as if it were thin air.

@Azriel You may have misinterpreted the question :D

Clearer Rephrase of Question:

I'm trying to make a flying "mind-control" ball that shot as a long-range attack that can catch a character only when he is in the dance of pain and then delete him and spawn a copy of him (so as not make the whole move seem overpowered :D). Is there a way I can do this?

~Solomon Leung
you, misinterpreted my answer.

your character still Has the ik1, and only by being led to the catching frames, opoints the ball that has ik3 or w/e. the thing i said was tricky was the part where your ik1 goes to. coz usually you do need a cpoint in the catching frames that are specified by the ik1. if you don't then something is weird.


I see what you mean, I think. The only way that the character can go to the catching frames is by catching the opponent. The move was meant to be a long range attack. However, what's the point of launching a ranging ball if the only way to activate the ball is to walk into your enemy? Is there a way I can accomplish this through a range attack?

~Solomon Leung
How about this: make your ball a char and increase his walking speed. use itr/kind: 8 to make him walk (the bdy to control him lie in his walking frames just like the itr/kind: 8). In the catching frame, make him opoint out a ball with itr/kind: 3 to control the oponent and then make him disappear.
good thread,

actually I never tryed it out, but it might have to do with the state. Try the walking state in the flying frames of the ball and see if it work

~moved to advanced
Isn't the walking state will disable the next function???
in t0 it does, maybe not in t3, but would like to hear the result of the test :p

As part of my attempt to accomplish this, I tried the state. Doesn't work at all. I confirmed without doubt that 'itr/kind 1' only works in a 'type: 0' object. You might want to make a note of this on the 'state: 16' page on the reference pages (I tried 'itr/kind 1' on a ball in the first place because I thought 'type: 3' objects could use 'itr/kind 1' also. :D)

@no one
If you create a 'type: 0' object, then the character menu will affected. You would have to hide it somehow (or take out the '_s.bmp' picture) so that it would crash the game.

I guess this means that itr/kind 1, state: 16, and other dance of pain detection is only available through 'type: 0' objects? If so, the move won't really involve a ball (which defies the whole point of this topic).

Alternate Suggestion?:

Is there some way to implement the 'itr/kind 6' super-punch detection function on a ball? If so, I might be able to activate an 'itr/kind 3' through this function (tack on the 'itr/kind 3' in the super-punch frames), because super-punch only activates if the to-be-victim is in a dance of pain. Or does this function work only on 'type: 0' objects as well?

~Solomon Leung
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