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Full Version: [char] frozen [progress+release]
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gimme a couple more days to make it perfect..and the were done.
really? o rite
oh s**t buisy buisy buisy...
I finished 4 moves for Frozen! No Screenshots dont wana ruin the surprise.
And 2 moves to go.
(03-06-2009, 04:36 PM)prince_freeza Wrote: [ -> ]hey guys.;)
once "yin yin" creatd a char named "frozen" he was supposed to be the fusion of davis and freeze. unfortunatly "yin yin" didnt finish him so i figured (it would be a hame to wast such a good char) i havent heard from "yin yin" for a long time so i tried to finishes some of the chars sprites here is frozen:
(this char was originally created by "yin yin")
modified by me..

There are a couple of mistakes in that information. Anyone who's been around long enough will be able to vouch for what I am about to tell you. (For example, MH, Marshall, and... hmmm.... I think no one else from that time is active now. Marshall would be the best bet for confirming the info I'm about to provide, and check if I've missed anything out.)

Frozen was not created by yinyin. Frozen is a very famous piece of fanart by a chinese user(who went by the username of Steam, and LFE has a recent Bat wallpaper of his) from quite a number of years back, from the ezboard forum days. It was a simple pencil sketch, which started as a series of sketches of the main LF2 heroes, and ended with a pair of sketches, one of Firzen, and one of Steam's original creation; Frozen.

Fast forward a couple of years, to about 1-2 years ago.
Yinyin, adapted the design of Frozen, and made those sprites you found.
Which of course he intended to make into a full character. And that's about the end of the history lesson.

Now, for my 2cents:
At that time, when Yinyin first unveiled his intent to create Frozen, and showed the first sprite. A few of the best spriters then offered to help him sprite Frozen, to speed up the process of creating that character.
Yinyin turned them down.
Yinyin has always been known for having a knack for perfectionism, and he deemed the spriters then not up to scratch for creating those sprites.
Now, I agreed with Yinyin on that point, as did many others. Frozen, if it were ever to be created, ought to be a homage to the original fanart, and that old community.
It deserves nothing less than perfection, to recreate the same awe most of us felt when we first saw those sketches.
And here's where what you're doing irks me.

You've done well with the sprites, a good effort. Were it any other character I would've called it brilliant.
BUT... because its Frozen, it is far from acceptable. The sense of nostalgia compels me to condemn all the minute flaws in your sprites...
If I had a choice, I would definitely have wished you spent your effort on another character. As it is, I am having a hard time trying not to rmb that this exists. But that's just me. I can't deny other people your efforts.

However, I do have a proposal, for a compromise, if you're willing to hear me out.
Since you've already created Frozen, its utterly unreasonable and unthinkable, for anyone to ask you to NOT publish it for the enjoyment of the masses. However, what if, someone were to create a Frozen that's even better to replace the current Frozen? At this point you'll inevitably have to retort, "Better? who's to say what's better? quality is a subjective thing", and I agree. But what if we got someone whom most of us respect, and has the closest ties to the original fanart of Frozen, decide? or better yet, a group of such people?(though the only person I can think of who fits this bill is Marshall.)
We'll turn Frozen into a community project, overseen by said people, to pay the appropriate homage to the character.
Should that happen, if you're creating this Frozen for the sake of the masses, then it should be fine to replace the current frozen with the better one.

[Long story short, I'm challenging you to the task of creating a quality Frozen that will be deemed the official Frozen, with Marshall as a judge and within some reasonable parameters of time to be discussed and decided. All for the sake of my personal sense of nostalgia. A selfish request, to be sure, but a request nonetheless. You are free to deny it. And if you do, and I still have the motivation to work on a Frozen, it will simply be an unofficial battle of Frozens. lol.]
Big essay you got there, sounds like a plan xD

They want you to create a version that is UP TO THE STANDARD of the original fan art.
If you can't do it, they simply want you to allow someone else to claim the official frozen if they do a better version than you :D
(08-24-2009, 06:36 PM)prince_freeza Wrote: [ -> ]ok i really did not know that. thnkx for telling us.
btw i didnt get the challenge clearly what are you asking me??? to create a ver of my own that beats the original or what?
and for creating a better frozen ummm... i really like the design of the clothes and every thing i could never find a better design to fit so..

p.s. the char is almost finished sprites and data too. just a little bit of adjustments me and angel have to take first..

I'm not talking about changing the design of the character, I'm talking about upping the quality of the frames in the spritesheet. Your frozen has quite a number of frames with minor "jelly" anatomy, where the shape is a little unclear. And alot of the custom animations have simplistic and stiff transitions.

(08-24-2009, 06:38 PM)Eddie Wrote: [ -> ]Big essay you got there, sounds like a plan xD

They want you to create a version that is UP TO THE STANDARD of the original fan art.
If you can't do it, they simply want you to allow someone else to claim the official frozen if they do a better version than you :D

He got it right.

I'm not being a nice guy here. In fact, I'm being a total arsehole.
I'm suggesting that you not release your character if I can create a better one, like say, within a month.
Marshall or someone from the older time who still has an objective grasp on things, please tell me if I'm being crazy here.
Basically we have this:
[Image: frozeni.png]
Yinyin's WIP Frozen at the left.
Your Frozen in the middle.
The Frozen that some of us would like to see at the right.

I kinda did the same than you when I tried to sprite some frames of Blaze (Made by Ricky), some time ago... The result is not really good because you're comparing your sprites with some high quality base. But still I think that is something useful as it bumps the project.
After sobering up abit and doing some thinking in the morning...
(just a clarification, I wasn't drunk on alcohol, just a little high from the time of the night)

I realise... there was no need for me to get all confrontational about it.
Forget my proposal of a challenge for the character.
Instead I'm just gonna work on my own version of Frozen for my own fun. Haha.
sorry Siegvar, but i kinda doubt you will complete it. If you prove me wrong, you can shun me all you want though. I have hope you do.
Siegvar Wrote:or better yet, a group of such people?
there arent many willing spriters anymore....damn modern days. Also, MH tried to organise the same thing with making a 'Marti' char, and of course that died too.
Im not saying you cant do it, and i am definitely not doubting your abillity, its just that it is quite rare around nowadays to find people who actually finish this sorta thing, and im sure you will lose interest.

I would LOVE to help too, but, people have flooded my PM inbox with requests...gargh
and i havent had time to finish Steve yet, even though i am so close.
I dont have time for the next like 7 weeks. bloody hell.

sorry about that :P
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