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Full Version: [char] frozen [progress+release]
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yeah thnks for teh support guys. i really am trying so hard on this one...
also i got a question. so my version of frozen is gonna be the first one released (i hope) so should it be called the official ver or unofficial??
answer is probably "un" cuz the creation is steam's so..
Why not say that it's your version of Frozen? Official or unofficial are pretty generic words, so just don't use them at all :P
so you guys probably saw this before... i just dont know. what should that ball do?
[Image: balle.gif]

[Image: frozenvortex.png]

btw: the ball sprites are not done by me. i just ripped them from an old game my little brother used to play. "snow man" i think..
you should definitely make your own sprites.
you already put so much effort into this char, don't destroy him with ripped projectiles.
Since the sprite is well LF2 styled and the game doesn't seem to be commonly known i don't see some argument AGAINST using the sprite...
It looks like either a freeze or a healing effect... may you could create a ball, that freezes everything on close, OR (if there aren't enemies) heals someone...
it should work like a normal ice ball, but freeze multiple enemys in a certain area
i like the sprites and im gonna make this short:
in the dash attack (jump) when the cape is up and u can c his doesnt make sense that there isnt the finishin of the clothes from the it should look like this:
[Image: 32172616.png]

i suck at i dunno if im right!
I think he is only covered in the front.
naked in the back
but thats strange, even for lf2 fashion. imo the entire back should be clothed
maybe he wants to be sexy, doesn't look too bad to me
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