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Full Version: [char] frozen [progress+release]
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(03-19-2009, 07:41 AM)sadbhav Wrote: [ -> ]maybe.....he breathes out cold wind and freezes anyone who comes in contact with the fog?

..fog? hey! how 'bout he make a fog in a place for about 30 seconds and who ever comes inside that gets frozen?

Don't you think thats cheap...?
I like the idea though...but how bout doing that fog but it slows them down alot...
Cause it wouldn't be fair to not get passed that...idk... :)
FreezeSP has that move (breathe out fog that freezes enemies).
(03-19-2009, 08:22 PM)JossuaDC Wrote: [ -> ]FreezeSP has that move (breathe out fog that freezes enemies).
That's basically the equivalent of Firen's DvJ-attack. Just wanted to point that out.

You could actually make some sort of swirly thing around the char
similar to this one: (Click to View)
Or some ice spears coming from the ground.
well this pic was my sign firs time i joined!!
well no other updates..but if u wanna se the firstr creatoin of frozen go to (lf2 official website):

see the first steps.
well didnt do much work on him till now only walkink and standing and punching and one injury frame......
[Image: 36485154.gif]
looking for some creative attacks...
sry for the double post thing:)
lol more like triple post :D
it looks good!
though, the ice burst thing doesnt really, its a bit too short, i mean the animation of it.
if you do do that though, in his punching frames, make him create an invisible ball, which lasts on for a second, and when it collides with anything, make it do that icy burst, this will look way better then him doing an icy burst whenever he hits the air :D

otherwise, i would make it full animation of the icy burst, like this:
[Image: 63503471.png]
and not just a single sprite :P

glad to see that the project is still making a bit of progress (even if it is very small :P)
looks so very good hope i could sprite like that there is'nt much to say here just that it is too fast good luck on that char!
current progress:
[Image: walkc.gif][Image: running.gif][Image: 24553348.png]
In the second frozen frame, hue him a bit bluer, so that he fits more into the ice.
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