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Full Version: [char] frozen [progress+release]
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if you like it use it but i been you see frozen like froze not in a ice that its a transparency ice.
so you can see frozen just blue.
didnt understand a word from this last post...
[Image: 14145223v.png]
this is what i meen
i could've done that nothing special..
prince_freeza Wrote:[Image: 14145223.png]

Looking good.
But add the sparkle via DCing, not in the sprites.
yeah i am not an amateur..
So this is a skill right? little long to be just defence... How will this work or you have just made the sprites for now?
(06-21-2009, 04:09 PM)3rdEnemy Wrote: [ -> ]little long to be just defence...
heloo...u can make it go faster in the game..besides it doesnt have to be defence..also he is still in the sprites section cuz i haven't done any data besides those ball when i nearly finish him i will ask an admin to move the thread..
here is some more stuff i made:
[Image: 46606405.png]
as for the second row how should i make the punsh a normal or a super??
btw i know i said i will post sheet_0 but there are still a couple of those drinking and rolling frames thtat i am too lazy to finish!!
How the hell did you make such a good upper-cut? was it because of the template base?
hmm...the chest on the 2nd frame (>>A) looks a-bit weird, rugged and rough with the outline...
The 3rd frame for upper-cut looks really splendid...
I prefer the last one since he's all about the freeze... :D
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