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Full Version: How TO create a character and how to sprite a energy blast
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Can anyone help or tell and explain to me that how to create a character and how to sprite a energy blast.I'm so weak in that.But don't scold me.
ahhh ... .newcomers.... [Image: 1198197966_noob.gif]

you need to know something abt DC from here >>>

and then youll need to download a char grid (don't remember from where.. maybe someone else will help you with that...)

then sprite what you want... you just need to know basics of DC for that...
actually you just need to sprite your character^^

And for the dcing-part ask people, who have the skillz for this^^
dude website search first look at: Sprite>Tutorials

there are many tutorials there to learn how to sprite from there i learnd how to sprite.

[Image: Ignore.jpg]
Just ignore this thread. It's going to be dispose/close soon.
need help at spriting??
well u can either ask members to help u or go to forum tutorials.
There was a char grid on the mainsite can't really remember where
There you go
char grid (Click to View)
>Breathing Frames< (Click to View)
hair for face (Click to View)
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wow hacker nice hair tut really like it.
Oh no no no
that's not mine
that's dome's
oh i got confused..
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