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Full Version: Apoc's Sprites
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Original Chars
Lucas (Representative Char)
[Image: INSfvss.png?dateline=1429602242]

[Image: NuNV3pv.png]

Ryce (by YinYin)
[Image: LQZQNwf.png]

Based on LF2 Chars
Evo Davis
[Image: m0Q2Pxe.png]

Evo Julian
[Image: 6xlrh5p.png]

Based on other characters (anime, games, etc)
Straight Cougar (S-CRY-ed)
[Image: 4WViNq5.png]

Kurama (Yu Yu Hakusho)
[Image: SweJRlL.png]
WOW, u r like the BEST Spriter I have ever seen
no joke
I'm still marveled by this
Dam, I'm never going to be as good as you guys, damit!!! :lol:
One of my favorite was Gabriel & Gabriel EX (they are close to anime cutiness)
The Evo Firzen face needs a bit more editing (looks messy)
I'm a big fan or ur work...
Hope you do more in the future... ;)
Oh yea, the typical Apoc-style going on right there :P

I still don't quite get the whole Evo-deal, would be cool if you could tell me a bit about that :)

Anyways, well, what can I say? You're by far over the average spriting skill level here on LFE, so I could just re-write all the typical phrases (which will probably follow are already made). To sum it up: you're doing a great job! I especially like the icy breath of Evo-Freeze and Jade :)
Evo-Henry could need some shading in the hair, though.

So yea, keep up your work!
what tha omfg
this evo characters look awesome
what are you thinking while spriting them?
[Image: caps-lock-is-awesome-sml.jpg]

i must say that this are THE BEST sprites i have ever seen, and i have seen a lot of them!!!!!!!!

maybe you could give them to some expert spriters so they can make characters out of them......
The evo-serie is pretty damn nice.
You should do more.

Just how did you come to the name "evo"?
or it is a name from a styling expert
some character definetly need it
you are a great spriter!
They are completely awesome!
But what about an Evo-Louis? Am I the only one who likes him?

Thanks ^^
Yeah, Gabriel looks kinda girlish xD
Evo firzen is the one with worst quality, specially the arms.
I may improve the ones that needs a lot of fixing or being adapted to my current style (Say Evo Firzen, Duncan, Glacion, Dewon, and so on)

Heh, thanks =p
The evo thingy came up when I was first thinking about a mod. I though that it would be great to have new versions of the original chars plus ten new characters (each one related to one of the originals lf2), so I set the history some years after LF2 and named them Evolution Freeze, Evolution Firen and so on (Later Evoltution -> Evo)
Later I realized that it would be a lot of work so I kinda scrapped the idea.
But now I did the new versions just for fun as single sprites. Well... I'm now spriting Evo Freeze (fixed everything messy in my eyes with the single sprites), but it isn't sure that I'll finish him.

Thanks. I was thinking in them as anime characters with their own personalities, and some good looking costumes. (Or kinda badass, though some sprites can't show that, that's the case of Henry, he doesn't have the arrows in his back anymore ;o)

Thanks you for the support. I hope I will finish some of them myself before I lose my motivation in LF2.

Thanks. I was going to post them when I had all of them done (The ten originals plus bat) but some gave me problems with the outfits (Such as John, I can't think of a cool suit for him >.<).

I will do him once I can get a good looking original armour =p
i know it sucks but i tried some sort of evo john
[Image: john.bmp.png]
he looks so damnit weird
but may you could overwork john
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