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Full Version: [char] illusionist
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hi everyone!
yesterday I thought of a char who cofuses the opponent, and this came out:

ps: please don't rate the sprites, I didn't spend much time on them:D
the sprites are kinda good, even if his burning frames don't look very good

now to the real char

he is balanced, he is kinda original (especially his dummy moves:D) and he is entertaining to play with!
I don't see any bad things about this, only that he has no decent sprites


here is the BIG graphic update \(>;<)/ :
[Image: 58058842vr9.png]
Did you guys team up or something?
[Character] Illusionist Beta (click)

No review this time my iMac broke once more which suxzorzomgroflpwn00bweirtalkingthatnooneunderstandswritteninoneneverendingwordomg1337!!!!!!111one one eleven 1!
You have to be carefull with the black-hues. Don't make his belt #000000 (transparency).
But He looks kinda cool. You should edit the ice-pics. There is still red in.
lol, one made an illusionist Freeze and the other one Firen. To say it with DON's words: Coincidence? Well, hardly! :P

look closely, it's not black, it's pseudo-black

But this leads me to another thing, a couple of frames show Firen with something greenish instead of black (the most obvious one is in one of the falling-frames.

But i see Illusion and Illusionist

Is there a way to onley display one? On the charmenu
Also the Illusion clones D v j

Never die , i think you should make them disipear in 1 hit but cant deal dmg

EDIT* Autaly both clones do not die O.o
don't double post Mad... u can simply use the [EDIT] button below ur post Took care - Cirno

anyways u should play with Illusionist
and good point about that cloning, yeah Bamboori that is something to fix for u :P
maybe its a noobish question but is there any other way than creating a transforming-frame in rudolf or julian?
Julian has transforming frames?! That's new to me...
There is the state: 80xx transformation which is used to transform into a fixed character, whereas state: 500 in combination with 501 creates a variable transform that only works if you grab a character to transform into him.
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