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Full Version: funny/good web vids
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since all the other threads were about specific ones (funny etc.), this one is now for EVERY type of video!!

here is a cool music video:
touch down - turn around

now post yours^^
If you can look at this without laughing, your life must be really sad...
epic LOL!

well, but not everyone is german here^^ good that I am^^
Not the best videos( I posted the best one before) but nevertheless simply awesome.
this is so hilarious. Although you might know it already
I like it better without sound. But you can turn the volume down so...
Bush beatbox... O my god :D
I kinda dig this band, and this video is cool
(warning, may contain Power Metal!)
Any Means Necessary - Hammerfall

Another cool video, by Hammerfall:
(warning, may contain Power Metal!)
Renegade - Hammerfall
Probably most of you know this, but it's still good: Slaughter Your World
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D: I can't believe I'm posting a piece of lol on here
lol he looks a bit like my cousin :D
OMG! rick astley destroyd australia look
rick roll has gained more power than i thought its good that i dont live in australia O_O