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Full Version: [char] pumpkin - release
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Vengeance has been a fellow of humanity throughout all eras. It has been a cause for murders and wars. But today it has reached a new level:
Our food is eating us!!

[Image: pumkinf.png]

Finally, I'm able to release my second char( not counting this crappy template edit), pumpkin. It was originally intended to be my contribution to the halloween contest, but it took me a bit longer to finish him. But now I am done( at last).

Pumpkin might be a bit strange to play with. Why? Because he is, besides jumping, unable to move. You mainly have to rely on his special attacks. Fortunately two of them are teleports and the others are covering a wide field of attacks. Nevertheless or even because of that he is, in my eyes, quite fun to play with.
All in all he is a bit stronger than the normal Lf2-chars.

His moves are
Screenshots are missing? Here you go.

screenshots (Click to View)
Thanks go to bamboori for his halloween contest( which gave me the idea) and MH-Razen for his tutorial about how to transform into a chase-ball.( This char features an almost completely copied study example because my own one didn't work, so I just took that one. Didn't help either. After a very long time I remembered that there was something about opoints and first frames of a special move that was worth to stay in mind :D)

That's all I guess. Critics and suggestions are of course very welcome.
gotta work on some other projects now^^

Btw: Would be nice if someone moved this into releases thanks phil

Download v

It's now on the mainsite:
dude one word... awesome!
can't test it at the moment.. but the screenies look promising ^^
keep it up ;)
Keep what? ;ooo - Simoneon
(01-10-2010, 05:48 PM)Reaper Wrote: [ -> ]Our food is eating us!!

When I read this I was like: omg! I'm hungry as heck and then I read something about food that.... well yeah :P

Judging from the screenies, the fire-part looks a little unrealistic, but if that's the only flaw I'll shut up now. Good that you finished this char, congratulations from my side. And, dang, I can only repeat Phil's words, keep up the good work! :)
Very nice. Very original (a teleporting pumpkin... Lol).

Change the explosion's centerx/centery to make the core match the position of the pumpkin and change the centerx/centery of the mini-pumpkins to make it run more smoothly (mainly the frames which show the purple cloud).
Add some custom sound effects, too. E.g. a squishy sound effect for when the pumpkin jumps/lands.

I like it :)
Man, I love this char!
Especially if you verse it in VS Mode. It's a pumpkin punching bag!!!
EDIT: If you shoot balls at it, that is...
If you go up and try punch it, it just teleports away...
Thanks alot :D I'm going to fix those values tomorrow, just haven't got any time today. Gotta search for some sound effects, too.
Oh yeah, haven't thought of that. You teleport via hit_a:, so if the enemy tries to punch you... :D Well, I guess most people download new chars to play with and not against them. Hopefully.
Btw: Yay, 8/10. My last char was 3/10 I think.
(01-10-2010, 05:48 PM)Reaper Wrote: [ -> ]Stay away if you don't want to set fire.
It's actually "Stay away if you don't want to be set on fire".
lol grammar.
Anyway this char's really awesome :D! I really like it. 8/10. Can't test it coz I'm not on my laptop. The idea's unique, I've never seen such a funny char like that.
And I agree with the new sound effects too, that would be good:).
I dunno if this is a bug, but...
Screenshot (Click to View)
That's in VS Mode (human vs human), after Angel Adam (he's behind the pile of Pumpkins) hit Pumpkin.
Pumpkin had used D^A.
Angel Adam had used DJA.
After that you get a hell lot of teleporting Pumpkins.
Yep, that surely is a bug.
Just updated it. Assuming you don't have any itr's/bdy's between 43000 and 44500 (or 44100, forgot :D), it should work without bugs now. Plus I fixed the centerx/y values.( and the grammar error)
Unfortunately I haven't found any fitting sounds yet. If someone knows any, tell me.