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Full Version: #7: Commercial - VOTING
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I really waited for this thread since I looked into the contest thread here and then andsaw cool stuff, no I checkout everything and voted for two entries:

alec: just a cool image ;)
ramond: damn good video!!!
No. Lauli must win.
Lol. Totally fresh point of view ;D
I voted for Lauli's, Alectric's, and Ramond's. I just can't justify to myself
the mostly jumbled mess that mine is, especially in comparison. :p

I wish everyone the best of luck though. :D
Voting for yourself is poor indeed, anyway I vote for Ramond's his entry, it's a great vid.
Lauli must win really people his is like he made the best commercial from the rest, but aletric's and Ramond's are good too.
Voted for Lauli. Ramond and LutiChris did a good job too.
This would've been an impressive poll without Ramond, Alectric and me.
I BET Ramond will win ^^ That movie is just awesome.
That can't happen!
Lauli must win!
Otherwise the universe will explode!
Voted for him.
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