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Full Version: Tutorial on making frozen pics (by Scorpion)
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I made this tut today when i was making the frozen pics for Scorpion :

[Image: tutorial.png]

For those who do not have Photoshop or GIMP, just Photofiltre:
- Paste your injured and colored with ice-blue
- Before you validate paste, right-click
- Select paste options, and set opacity to 50%.
- Click OK.
(thanks to goop)

Comments are welcome! ^_^
Wow rly nice, I already seen such a tutorial, can upload it, but this is much better! thumbs up :)
Great tut!!!!
good that u also posted the pics off the ice. a tut off fire left!!! 5/5
wow, you actually took the template ice-thingy :o
I only did the ice with a brush and then putting in some highlights and shadows. Great tutorial :) 4 thumbs up *including feet Twisted*
How do you set transparentcy so the guy fits in with the ice? It just says use photoshop but I dont know exactly how.
I dunno exactly wether you have photoshop or not. Otherwise try it without transparency, it should look nearly the same.
The transparency toll should be somwhere here:
  • [Image: herefx0.png]
I have an older, German version of Photoshop, which I actually NEVER ever use, but I hope you know where te transparency tool should be now.
I try to use photoshop but when i got my guy and tried to put it on the ice in paint theres lots of white stuff around him.
well then screw paint - do everything with photoshop
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