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Full Version: Tutorial suggestions
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This is not a response to Hacker flames.

I think it would be a good idea to have a tutorial suggestion thread, so people who know how to do a suggestion, can help, instead of having double-ups of threads.
I mean, you can make a tutorial about the same thing, but the method can be important, as well as the program used.

We have heaps of tutorials already, on the mainsite, yet people still ask, and think its not enough.

Suggestions so far:
-Sprite details:
-Face pic tutorials (including detailed hair)
-The small icon picture (_s)
-Sprite Stances
-Picking the right colours
-Rowing Frames
-Armour Shading, and proportions
-Electricity effects
-Chars with weapons
-LF2 breathing tutorial:
-Glowing effect
-LF2 styled energy ball
-Using the programs
-Making a base from scratch:

_f face drawing tutorial and _s face drawing tutorial
so we can make the face of our char look like the face of our small char and spritesheet :/
not so much _s face...pretty useless, and very easy to do...
definitely _f faces for tutorials not to mention stances, positions, overall proportions of the body or face
and testing around with shading + 3 types of colors...just suggesting it would help...
i personally learn from visualization than reading...more clear visuals would be better especially done by a known spriter
maybe some helpful ideas on creating a well...idk so much as of right now...

maybe video will help? like fire demonstration... :)
i second that spriting details tut. as the matter affacts i would be glad to make one...
but we dont post here right??

oh and it would be really nice if some one (yea you alec or bp) makes a tut about the _f hair shading. i would be really thankful
What about power aura tut? There's not much there. Oh sorry Alec. I'm too dumb.
Or spriting with Photofiltre Damn, I already know how... Photofiltre pro ftw (I'm kinda like one)
Making type3s would be good (I meant BALLS and COLS and stuff)...
-ROWING (when the chars roll) PICS!
-Armour shading and making
-Electric effects
more tutorials about weapons.. how to make them.. char stance with weapons basically weapons in the aspects of char making..
^ Facepalm
you don't get my point.. i mean weapon in char sprites.. like stances.. attack sprites with weapons.. etc
he means making sprites for when you press attack holding a weapon and maybe also which weaponact: to use...

how about more tuts for still my favourite :P
Well you can just use those tutorials then ATTACH the weapons to the char.
I think it's helpful enough to make weapons for char sprites.
edit dang got ninjaed but Phil didn't mean it. He means something like Deep's sword or John's staff.
weaponact you can use Azzy's visual frame maker (but I haven't found it... yet).
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