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the story:
the future, several planets in the universe are searching for a new planet.
since all planets are destroyed by war theres no planet left, that was like earth once.
so now every civilization from the far ends of the universe is looking for a new healthy planet.
at it seems that earth has found one first. they named it ''second earth''.
now other planets are informed by this second earth.
and they want that planet no matter what, so without nuclear weapons or weapons of mass destruction, they are planting theyre finest troops to take over second earth.

(so shooters like halo , gow2, resistance, killzone will be in this game ofcourse to take over the 2nd earth.)

let the biggest universal war ever begin.

So in a nutshell:
Its like madness interactive (the online game) stuffed in a lf2 engine with characters from Halo, Resistance, Battlefront, Killzone, all killing each other.

Cutting Heads off, Shooting each other brains out, Blowing each other privates off, etc.

working on this with another member of my NTSD team, nickHD. Most of the sprites are done by him here.

some previews of the killings
[Image: 36274568cb8.gif]

[Image: 49865485bc3.gif]

[Image: 87168471gt7.gif]

[Image: 54571718zd9.gif]
I don't really like weapons'n'blood stuff, but this mod seems rather good! Gives a new style to the game.
AWSOME! Reminds me of some game I played before..I think its called metal slug or something.
made more guns, a little test vid

bleh, not getting enough replies. Hopefully this these will get some intrest

[Image: 36274568cb8.gif]

[Image: 49865485bc3.gif]

[Image: 87168471gt7.gif]

[Image: 54571718zd9.gif]
I think it's a little too violent, compared to the LF2-style (which I actually like quite a lot) but I think some people out there are really liking this style (because it reminds them of their fav games).

Since its style is pretty unique and well made (congrats from my side), it could become quite popular, let's just hope that this thread doesn't transform into something like the NTSD-thread in the old forums...
It is a new style I agree, but there are some people are out there (including me) who go ewwww seeing blood
I love blood and gore. To those people who don't like it its because they are soft. :P Violence is ok if its animated. :D
eh, I doubt it'll get pages of spam like my old thread...

Well the game is going to be veery bloody, you'll get eaten by aliens, use intestines as whips, and I'm thinking of running people with tanks so that they become pancakes :P

[Image: 27462208fs4.png]
another enemy (the leaper), this one runs around and eats your face

A chimeran hybrid, the main ground troops you'll encounter
[Image: 57576777ro8.png]

and haven't posted this here yet, a preview of a hellfire tank

[Image: 89840511tq1.gif]
Sorry for not being interested in this mod (yeah, i don't like too violent and blood)

Btw: the video looks weird, cuz the chars doesn't fit lf2-character (bandit, monk, etc.. you know what i mean)
Quote:I love blood and gore. To those people who don't like it its because they are soft. Violence is ok if its animated.
totaly right, i love bloody and violenced (?) games for my live [Image: cfed93e2.gif]

Keep up this pretty good work/mod!

I see you make a tank for this mod ... i tried to make a tank too but i sucked with the injured/falling frames, how will you make it ?
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