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Full Version: Hypercriminal
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I made a criminal which contains every char and a bit more!
Use it for stage!
Hope you like it, plz review!


Act: 0 monk
Act: 10 mark
Act: 20 jack
Act: 30 sorcerer
Act: 40 bandit
Act: 50 hunter
Act: 60 jan
Act: 70 justin
Act: 80 knight
Act: 90 id: 3000 (bandit or hunter)
Act: 100 id: 1000 (random mainchar)
Act: 110 random subchar
Act: 140 fake1
Act: 160 fake2
Act: 170 fake3
act: 180 firzen
act: 190 Julian
act: 200 LouisEX
act: 210 Bat
act: 220 Appearing Rudolf
Lil' update--
After the new dudes joined your team the criminal-pic will disapear-

just forgot to add a next: 1000

So here's the fixed version: