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Full Version: Whaat´s some old dead project
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After making some sprites i chosed to make a new char and his name is Dave:
Updated breathing (added muscles and leg movement):
[Image: newnewbreath3.gif]
Updated running:
[Image: newnewrunning.gif]
Kinda good face for being scratched :/
[Image: face.png]

Old face and standing:---
Now: waiting for comments :>
some things that need fixing imo:
in the dash attack sprite, it needs a thicker body/waist and move the legs up a little bit
the foot on the back leg is too far right

and the neck on the facepick is really tall

but overall, not bad
lets name him Just (subtle double meanings :P)

@^: D: man you're quick...

could be better shaded, if he's wearing a shirt then yea... if not, give him muscles. D:
About the kicking sprite-
The arm on the right ends with a blunt point, and it's too thick as well.
Oh, and the facepic's head is really small. Also, make the scarf hang down lower to fit the other sprites more.
OMG I hope that you're gonna finish this char, it's so awesome in design!
The mask and face is unshaded.
and i noticed that the body changes weirdly in breathing. some pixels appear on the left armpit.
Kinda reminds me of Julia? XD

Imo his arms are moving to much in the breathing frames.
this will still be a
first char :P

in other words, i hope you don't get lazy.
(06-27-2010, 07:55 AM)Alblaka Wrote: [ -> ]Kinda reminds me of Julia? XD

Imo his arms are moving to much in the breathing frames.

It is Julia, just male.

oh wow we do have some creativity and imagination on this forum.
What? You have an a** mood, dude ;D - Simoneon

Sorry to say, it doesn't seem that inventive Whaat. However, not the worst sprites i've ever seen - so keep on going. Face picture is a bit wierd though.. too much blur in my opinion.

and also in the standing sprite hes left shoe (our right) is a bit "broken"
try to remove a bit of the pants of it.

Edit: my bad didint see its in progress section Dummy <-----
Heads & hands seem to need more shape, and the dashing legs are very weird. otherwise good char. For names i dunno maybe Phantom, Zen something?
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