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Full Version: [solved] How to Modify Title?
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Is there anyway I can change the text "Little Fighter 2" from the title of main game to any other name?
[Image: lf2.png]
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open the exe with an hex editior
search for "Little Fighter 2" using the search tool
and replace it with the replace tool.
Make sure the name is equally long as the original name (if not you have to do something which i forgot)
Basically, it would require you to open a debugger, place a pointer to some empty space where you write the full name of the window title, and, with another pointer, jump back to where you came from. A little more advanced, and a little more challenging. Go with Phil's solution if you are not in need of unnecessary complications.
Hey, it removed all the data in the exe file!!! Mad now I have to do everything again!!

PLS tell me a Nice Hex Editor. :s
hey guy, there`s one basic rule about EXE Editing - YOU ALWAYS MAKE A BACKUP before your next edit...

and for your question: I always used Hex Workshop
if you are using lf2 v1.9 or 1.9c, you can just use this :

the ultimate patcher.

If you're using 2.0, you're screwed if you don't use phil's method or/and bp's extension ~ Phil . ~ Alectric ! ~ Blue Phoenix