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Full Version: Revamped Sprites (52%)
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** Blue Phoenix has taken control of this thread haha not anymore ~Luti oh no!

Revamped Sprites
Please, thank Blue Phoenix for recovering the bellow content...thank you ~Luti

Based on Alectric's [sprite contest thread v.2]...
This thread is to remake other users sprites into your own version.
Every week month freely-defined temporal interval we will go through other members threads so no one gets left out (randomly)
there may still be other spriters i have missed out due to a non-gallery thread. plz pm me if i had missed you
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Remember, this month's selection is...
  • One entry per member.
  • Your sprite must be based off that user's old sprite...and don't forget to add in the old sprite as well when ur done with your entry
  • You can't remake a re-made sprite you or someone else already made.
  • Recoloured sprites wont be accepted.
  • Size: no bigger than 158x158.
Submit your entries before Saturday, February 11th!!

have fun re-spriting... ;D
Hmm, just a thought - shouldn't you limit it to redoing one persons sprite. Like everyone puts their own spin on one persons sprite. This way each week you can keep this competition on going and always take a look at other people's sprites.

Say this week we could do Alectric's or something?

Just a thought.



If that's the case, start us off by telling us whom and I will definately enter. I will support you fully on this competition :D.
Hey, everybody go through Alectric's page
i also found this, which you could use...
[spoiler=Page Stretch]
[Image: spritess.png]
i may be getting rid of a few members on the list because they only posted single sprites
actually my best sprites are hentai kamen and my chars :P
the rest is pretty much recolour only.

oh and my representative char ofc.
lol i am on the list? finally! i see my visions come true. Visions I couldn't visualize with my skills. Weeee

& anyone else...
Make sure you add them into your gallery so when it's your turn we can use those sprites too
the more the better the variety to choose from ;D

I have been thinking, would it be best to select people by alphabetical order or random?
its better
I'm there too? Well, guess two sprites are available for now. ^^'

Alectric has so many sprites to choose from... o.o XD

I'd go with random for the selection, so people wouldn't get ahead with their sprites for the next contest.
oh gawd....

Im not sure whether to approve this idea.
I feel copyrights are in order :P (jks)

How about this Lutichris?
Some one starts off a round by making a completely new sprite. A bit like sprite game, but everyone tries to make their own versions of it.
:noes: awww...
tht sounds way too similiar to the Sprite Game (the only difference would be the deadline and separate work space)
hmmm does everybody like Alectric's idea or keep it like this...?