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Full Version: Bloody roar mod project!~by DOM1
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and welcome to my bloody roar mod project. :D
What is bloody roar?Bloody roar is a beat' em up game.All character have a beast mode.For example Uriko can to transform in a half-beast.(I think the beast form is a cat^^').Or example Yugo can to tranform in a wolf.or alice can to transform in a rabbit ;).
so and I will try this mode to finish and come to the end.Maybe i need some help.Sample Data Changer or a second spriter.
and this will be my lbrf(little bloody roar fighter)version.

Sprite: 0.5%
( menĂ¼ :100%)

Data's : 0.0%
Sound: 0.0%

Yugo (the wolf)
yugo_f: 0%
yugo_s: 0%

Long Shin (the tiger)
longshin_f: 0%
longshin_s: 0%

Shina (the leopard)
shina_f: 0%
shina_s: 0%

Stun (the insect)
stun_f: 0%
stun_s: 0%

shenlong (the tiger)
shenlong_f: 0%
shenlong_s: 0%

Bakuryu (the mole)
bakuryu_f: 100%
[Image: img_05oj14pnaat78rjy.png]
bakuryu_s: 0.375%
[Image: img_0nzhdlo9f99pmkvg.png]

Nagi (the half-beast)
nagi_f: 0%
nagi_s: 0%

Jenny (the bat)
jenny_f: 0%
jenny_s: 0%

Alice (the rabbit)
alice_f: 100%
[Image: img_0aboqgoge6q9ajjo.png]
alice_s: 0%

Uriko (the half-beast)
uriko_f: 0%
uriko_s: 0%
wow looks awesome. I would like to help but I cant DC for crap.

this exe-thingy is the most crazy EXE-Verion I've ever seen.
Good to create a horror-version of lf2 :p

Waiting for more...
DOM1~ Wrote:Bloody roar is a beat' em up game.
Wikipedia Wrote:Little Fighter is a multiplayer beat 'em up game [...]
Let's face it, it's just a mod :P

Can't comment really much, except 4 pictures...
At the character-selection-menue you maybe should leave the parts, where character (+information) will get in, 100% black. Otherwise it would look a bit weird when LF2 puts font in it...
bloody roar
i know of this game it was on game cube and i loved it so this mod will be wicked. if you need a data changer you can get the data changer and skills if you downlaod the starter pack becues you get a book with it you know read me book on how to data chang. if get it you will be a natrual in no time at all. oh and you get two data changers with it. all well that solves your littil data changer prob.
Sounds cool!
Very nice, we wait on next sprites.
Looks very interesting. Espacially your character selection screen is awesome.
I like to see moar in the future. ;) Good luck.
off topic
sorry for posting two times

i love what your doing so keep it up.
[Image: img_0h84pz3mnj8wzws8.png]

[Image: img_0iser778bcc58qfj.png]

[Image: img_0njt0te23acp8b9x.png]

[Image: img_07epilpmgodk7fjw.png]

[Image: img_0i27dotxsgfnbeoh.png]
Thank u MH-Razen ;)
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