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Full Version: [solved] No Com longer For one id
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Hi guys! I'm asking this question here cuz lfe is the place where gods of hex editing are sitting,and I'm not to skilled in this so: how to delete "com" in the id dependent character?
use search button
in the forum there isn't such a thread
You search the whole entire forum? There's a 50% chance there would be at least one thread about deleting the A.I.
Reading is FUN-damental, he wants to remove the COM logo for a specific id

(no idea btw, sorry, but continue searching through the hex sections, perhaps manually (check thread titles))
if I remember correctly, silva added such a feature once to the dll framework but it was never tested nor rly used, thought the code should be somewhere in there, it just has to be activated... when I have time I'll look for it, but dun expect to much, 'cuz I might totally forget it due to my lazieness
invoke JmpPatch, 0041A93Eh, addr textzz

textzz_r    dd 0041A9B7h
textzz_r2    dd 0041A947h

textzz proc
    cmp ebp, 0Ah ;check if its a human or not
    MOV DWORD PTR SS:[ESP+10h],edi
    jge hackz
    jmp [textzz_r2]
hackz: ;not human
    push eax
    mov eax, dword ptr ds:[458B00h+ebp*4+194h]
    mov eax, dword ptr ds:[eax+368h]
    cmp dword ptr ds:[eax+6f4h],10 ;this is the ID you want to hide
    pop eax
    jne wrong_id
    MOV DWORD PTR SS:[ESP+10h],0044644Eh

    jmp [textzz_r]
textzz endp

code was originally used for a different idea - so the implementation is slightly more complicated than it has to be for something as simple as this - but it works :p :p

Thank you very much,problem solved!