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Full Version: [Char]Wargreymon UPDATE:BlackWargreymon
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Wargreymon and Black wargreymon sprites are 90% done and data maybe around 75%!?
Well Wargreymons Big_terraforce move won´t work I couldn´t fix it now

Lol i wanted to reply today :D

Ok the size of your images are :
Quote:file(140-159) sprite\template1\2.bmp w: 53 h: 57 row: 19 col: 1

So you should edit the centery like this :

Quote:<frame> 235 terra_force
pic: 140 state: 3 wait: 1 next: 236 dvx: 0 dvy: 0 centerx: 30 centery: 57 hit_a: 0 hit_d: 0 hit_j: 0
kind: 1 x: 34 y: 62 weaponact: 31 attacking: 0 cover: 1 dvx: 0 dvy: 0 dvz: 0
kind: 1 x: 17 y: 36 w: 38 h: 71
kind: 0 x: 20 y: 10 w: 38 h: 71

In all your frames with this images

[EDIT] Oh crap >_< i didn't saw that you edited your post ... i should post earlier -_-
But I still have a problem instead of stucking in air he is under the bottom the shadow is near his head I cant fix it..........
Erm can you post terraforce.dat too ? o_O
Scorpion Wrote:Erm can you post terraforce.dat too ? o_O
Redface How stupid that I forgot.... edited first post
I really don't know what you want ...

It works normal, you see:

[Image: badechei.gif]

i edited the centery: again ...

file(0-7): sprite\template1\terraforce.bmp w: 109 h: 99 row: 4 col: 2

<frame> 0 flying
pic: 0 state: 3006 wait: 1 next: 1 dvx: 18 dvy: 0 dvz: 0 centerx: 50 centery: 99 hit_a: 6 hit_d: 2 hit_j: 0
kind: 0 x: -16 y: 8 w: 122 h: 85 dvx: 30 fall: 70 vrest: 15 bdefend: 100 injury: 150
kind: 0 x: -16 y: 8 w: 122 h: 85

btw. nice sprites ... do you get the from the sprite data base or annother source ?
I can't download it... It says the zip is corrupted.
Also, I suggest you move the link to the first post
Ok Alpha testing has started how is the game play with him and what kind of attacks shall I add?????
Quote:what kind of attacks shall I add?????
what about a claw combo ?
Or a transform into black wargreymon

or something like in this vid :

I don't really like digimon :p
but when i was a child i watched it too
Ok I tried to make the big terraforce move but I am stuck I just dont get the centerx/y thingMad anyone there who helps me???!:
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