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Full Version: LF2-style Freeze in Photoshop !!! shock !!!
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it's too hard
i don't think my tutorials is good
YinYin is the best !!!
here here (Click to View)
this is my sprite
it's shuz be darken
[Image: free_14.png]
Nice work betitngoan, it looks decent enough.

But, and i know your english isnt very good, could you add some sort of explanation for the brush part?
im slightly confused as to what " means.
For newcomers, the tutorial is pretty hard to get whats going on.
i did the same with zack :D good job dude
Or you could always use transparency.
Where can I get this blank ice sprite?
I presume this is not gravedigging, since this is a relevant problem.
See in the spoiler. The is an image in the window "11bang_lua.png". Take it from there.
I guess that will have to do. Thank you.