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Um hello there. Im the leader of NTAR( Naruto The Akatsuki return).Yeah, i know what are you gonna say "damn, another sh**** lf2 naruto mod game".Well yeah its lf2 but the system is like unique but we are low on team members, so if you are looking forward to have some fun coding then join us here is the forum

and here are some videos :)

I hope you are going to like it. Peace \\//
[Image: beybe.png]
[Image: onewe.png]
[Image: newloading.png]
[Image: gaho.png]

Oh gawd the character select screen is by far the best I've ever seen!
BTW, are those custom sprites?
Well, no.They are the ripped NZC sprites.BUT we offcourse are making custom once too :P.
The screenies are pretty stylish, but the background of the second video
didn't look all that flash, and everything seemed a bit choppy, but thew
mod's still in early development so I really shouldn't delve to far into it. ^^;

By the images too, I take it that the game is closely following the manga? :p

Good luck. ;)
following the manga? I think not. :P You are gonna play as an akatsuki, from their point of view.You aint gonna play as naruto and save the world, maybe its the other way around - you are trying to destroy it :D
Lol, ok, that's an intriguing perspective mind, and I'm quite curious, but I
meant that you're right 'up to date' with the manga, ergo these backgrounds;
[Image: beybe.png]
[Image: newloading.png]

Well, Madara is akatsuki, isn't he ? Well anyway yeah we may be a bit with the manga :D.
Well, the screens are pretty impressive, especially the "Loading" and "Selection" screen.
Would love to see more :)

Oh, btw, you have a typo in the Main's Naruto: The Akatsuki Return, not Naruto: The Akaksuki Return :P
Oh, sorry, my bad.Will fix it.Anyway should i make a video about the new design ?

Can't wait for this! This will be a milestone for me: First Naruto LF2 mod played!
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