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Morning my friends,

I would like all the others start a Project. Only I do not have a good team and I'm not so good at data changing or sprites. My wish was Lf2 characters teach to fly and they can also charge their own mana.I also wanted her chubby body change so that they look tall and thin.You can certainly understand what I mean or not?:(:(
we understand, but unfortunately LFE isn't a place where you would ask people for things like "hello i'm starting a new project, wanna join?" kind of thing. usually people would wait and see how much potential and skill you have at something (spriting, data etc.). Then maybe you could organise sth over msn, or here if you can predict people will definitely be interested in joining you (highly improbably on your first post, unless you've got something to show).

that said, you probably want to get good at data changing and/or spriting (data changing is easier to learn coz it's explicit knowledge, spriting's tacit, but probably more valuable in a project coz people can just go to reference pages for dcing).

I would like to do so himself that, but here in lf-empire, I do not understand what they really mean
Then screw around with the data until you do, ask here if you screw up something really big.
i have a question how i can change attacks from other characters
(11-21-2010, 04:47 PM)SSJ5 Davis Wrote: [ -> ]i have a question how i can change attacks from other characters

Read this:

The key of being a good dcer is reading, without lazyness (?) - read everything that is stated there, and you'll be fine.

It is as easy as you can get. If you have any further questions - pm me.
Again such a post

and again I say read this ( it is a combination of most of the tut of DC on the mainsite ) :lion: