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Full Version: LouisAS_EX.(You can rename it)
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Look at my character.

[Image: mabfmaadb.jpg]
[Image: mabfoaadb.jpg]

Please reply.

[deleted file-link]
its good that you are enthusiastic but believe me you shall feel a lot better when most of it isn't other users work

and when you created most of the sprites

and sorry doesn't look like new char ( looks like LouisEX tried to hit Knight and then the top broke off ''oh @!#*'')

but other than that is it a good char :D
this char is stolen, it`s Louis AS from Dark Lord XIII, he just renamed the sprites and dat.-files.


EDIT: Rofl Alec, sry that i took overyour modnotice :p

Darn :P ~ Alectric